Abandoned Bollywood photographer Jagdish Mali rescued from street

One of Bollywood noted photographers Jagdish Mali has been rescued from Mumbai Street in a very distressed condition. He was recognized by model and actress Mink Brar and was rescued. He was in a very pity condition with few clothes on body and covered with dirt and it looks that he was without food for few days.

"He was covered with faeces and looked as though he had not eaten in a while," says actress. Outside a fast food joint on Yari Road, the actress and her brother tried to talk to him. "But he would not answer," says Mink. "He seemed very disturbed, and completely disconnected." Despite plying him with food and getting hold of a pair of shorts to cover him up, Mali remained unresponsive. "We asked him where he wanted to go. He said: 'My studio.' He did not remember that he had sold off his studio where some of the biggest names of the film industry have been photographed. It broke our heart."

Mink spotted Jagdish Mali when she was distributing clothes to the poor in street. She asked him few questions but his reply was not accurate. Jagdish photographed many well known celebrities in his hey days and also owned a studio of his own but addiction of alcohol ruined his life.

Jagdish Mali was a successful photographer of 80’s. He first harbor of call for both newcomers and stars who wanted a new portfolio or feature for a magazine cover. "He was man with a heart, but a loner," says filmmaker Pahlaj Nihalani, who worked with him in Shola Aur Shabnan and Aankhen.

Antara Mali is Jagdish Mali’s daughter. He tried hard to get his daughter into films, and did his best to recommend her to filmmakers but in distress, she left her alone. "But Antara lived with her mother in Mahim, while Jagdish lived alone in Aram Nagar," says Nihalani. Antara, who is now married to a journalist lives in South Mumbai. According to her, when contacted, the former actress chose not to respond. "She said she has just had a baby and was too busy."

When Mink did not understand what to do, she called up Salman Khan who immediately sent a car and four man to escort Jagdish back home to his apartment.

Mali's caretaker Mangesh at this D N Nagar residence, he said: "Mr Mali is fine. We are in Lonavla. He is sleeping." However, when a concerned Dinesh Chaturvedi, president, FWICE went over to the apartment, he found him in a relatively better state. "He is not in Khandala. He had collapsed. But he is okay now," he said.

Mahesh Bhatt expressed deep concern over Mali's condition, "He needs hospitalisation. It seems to be a case of psychosis."

Mink found and rescued him has appealed all to come forward and help Mali. "Mali sir needs help," she said. "He needs a nurse. I would like to appeal to all those who worshipped him in his heydays to help him. This is the time to show our respect for him. He needs medical care. He doesn't deserve to be left alone."