Aashka Goradia, hubby Brent Goble test Covid positive: quarantined in Goa

Aashka Goradia and her husband Brent Goble have been tested positive for the novel coronavirus. They were quarantined at their Goa home. The couple were planning to fly to the USA and they got tested for the virus, the result came positive.

The actor said she and Brent are doing fine and have got no visible symptoms and will maintain the covid protocols by isolating themselves.

“In preparation for our trip to my home in the US, @ibrentgoble and I have both tested positive for COVID. We have been reeling from this news since this morning when we were just about to leave Goa. Both of us are feeling fine physically but the test reports say otherwise and that means we have to let the virus run its course,” she wrote in her Instagram post.

“While we appreciate all the concern and speed recovery wishes, I’d implore everyone reading this to please keep those who are really debilitated in your thoughts and prayer. We will be fine, while so many others may not be. Let’s all hold space for THEIR recovery, as well as those who are indirectly impacted. So much love from us,” she added.

Recently, Aashka informed that she is quitting acting and would rather concentrate on her business.

In an interview with Bombay Times, Aashka Goradia said that business has been in her blood and that ‘acting happened by chance’. She also revealed that she has conveyed her decision to the producers.

She said, “It’s been a beautiful journey, one which has given me so much. Acting introduced me to make-up, and that led me to pursuing what I wanted to do within that industry. Yoga, which was re-introduced into my life by my husband Brent (Goble), brought a different kind of inner peace, a journey that in itself is beyond words. When I look at all that life has given me, I am grateful to be on a path that is mine, which is unlike any other, and one where my dreams are turning into reality. Today as a businesswoman, my work has been noticed and I have received appreciation in the form of awards. That makes me happy. 

She thanked her husband for being her constant support. Aashka said, “I look into his eyes and I know I have a whole world of love, an ocean of trust, and a belief that I can, and it’s his belief that keeps me going.” She also added that she isn’t sure if her decision to quit acting is ‘permanent or temporary’.

Aashka also opened up about the struggle she faced in the industry and said, “Of course. What is a story without ups and downs and what’s life without good and bad days? It’s the low points that teach you a lot, they are your biggest teachers in life. I was someone who couldn’t sit at home, who wanted to constantly be working, sometimes due to responsibilities, many times because I was a workaholic. But in recent years, I learnt to divert my energies towards what really matters. I learnt to be patient, to not always expect, to continue working — not with the motive to stay busy, but rather to create something bigger.