Aarya Babbar’s PR criticizes ‘Bigg Boss’ decision to return Puneet

Popular reality TV show ‘Bigg Boss’ has come under some criticism after disgraced housemate Puneet Issar who was evicted from the house after physically attacking Aarya Babbar, was brought back only a day later. However, it was not without any restrictions. Puneet has been placed inside a cage and will not be able to use any of the luxuries of the house.

While some house mates like Gautam Gulati, Pritam and Praneet were happy to see him back, others were very confused. Naturally, Aarya Babbar was shocked and perturbed with this development. Bigg Boss announced that Puneet was being given a second chance because his intentions were not that much negative as was initially thought. Previously during a task, Puneet lost his cool and pinned Aarya to the ground. Although some contestants provoked Aarya, he remained calm and later complained to ‘Bogg Boss’ following which Puneet was evicted from the house.

However Puneet’s return has not been without controversy. Aarya Babbar’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar today questioned the channel’s decision. He told the media, “What is the logic and sense of giving Puneet Issar a re-entry on Bigg Boss in a day of being nishkasit (evicted)? Is being kicked out of Bigg Boss a joke? Are the sensibilities of viewers being taken for granted?” He further added, “Though Mr Issar’s violent behaviour was straightaway against the rules of Bigg Boss, strangely there was much discussion and deliberation, before Bigg Boss decided to condemn the move and evict him. More surprisingly, Mr Issar is back on the show just in a day. Obviously, Aarya would feel demoralized with this manipulation of Bigg Boss?”

Dale Bhagwagar went on to state, “Moreover, Mr Issar’s name stayed put in the voting process even after being nishkasit. Does this mean, he was never out of the race?” Aarya’s publicist concluded his comments by questioning the very nature of ‘Bigg Boss’, “If Bigg Boss is a ‘reality’ show, then it can’t be a ‘game’. And if it’s not ‘reality’, but only a ‘game’ for the sake of ‘entertainment’, then Bigg Boss has to remain fair throughout.” A section of viewers have also expressed their displeasure in social media over the return of Puneet to the show.

Years ago, Puneet was in the midst of another similar controversy when he injured Amitabh Bachchan during the shooting of the film ‘Coolie’. Big B was critical for a considerable period of time but luckily made a full recovery.