Aaradhya looks more like Abhishek than Aishwarya

The Bachchan parivar are always guarded about Aaradhya and never let paparazzi clicked her photo but celebrity photographer Viral Bhayani has captured Aaradhya’s face on his camera when Aishwarya Rai Bachchan headed for Chicago with her 10 months old baby Aaradhya.

Going by the looks of Aaradhya, it seems that she is more similar to her dad Abhishek than her mom. Since it is too early to predicts but the recent photograph justifies the stand. It was early morning and the airport was bit crowded, the looks of the baby suggests that she was bit irritating. There was a discomfort looks on her face. Dressed in baby pink, Ash carried her on baby carrier.

Abhishek once said that he wants Aaradhya to look like her mother and added that every time he comes back from promotional tour, he could see a changing face of Aaradhya. 

Abhishek wants his daughter to look like Aishwarya but the latest picture suggests that she is more like her dad but it is also true that a baby’s face keeps changing up to certain age and gradually she might take the shape and feature of her mom.

Abhishek is shooting in Chicago and he is longing for his family. Aishwarya and Aaradhya will stay with Abhi for a month.