Aaradhya is quite a fashionista like her mom Aishwarya

Kids of celebrity couples have often got more attention than mom and dad combined. Suri Cruise and Harper Beckham are famous examples from Hollywood. The same tendency has now caught on successfully in Bollywood where Aaradhya Bachchan was spotted with mom Aishwariya Rai Bachchan at the airport, dressed to the nines and ready to give her parents a run for their money.

The outfit of the most watched for baby in Bollywood included leopard pink leggings with matching pink sweat shirt, pink hair clip and brown Uggs. Pink is probably her favorite color as she is seen in it often. It seems Ash and Abhi are at last relaxing their guards and the first pics of Beti B were snapped at the airport with her mom. They were accompanied by Vrinda Rai, Aishwariya’s mother and Aaradhya was in a great mood as she smiled happily for the cameras. Babies are cute. That’s a known fact. But, in her super cool ensemble, one year old Aaradhya has joined the ranks of the celebrated babies of Hollywood.

“It’s cute to see that the parents are having fun with the baby’s look and they are experimenting, it really sends out a cool message,” commented designer Anupama Dayal. Rahul Mishra, the designer based in Mumbai adds, “Aishwarya is one of the biggest icons when it comes to global style. And, Big B is known to conduct himself flawlessly. The kid anyway looks so sweet — and being from the family, she is bound to look good always.”

The fashion funda of Beti B does not end here. According to sources, Abu Jaani and Sandeep Khosla who are the favorite designers of the Bachchan family always design matching dresses for mom and daughter. So, do not be surprised if we see Aishwariya and Aaradhya appear in matching anarkalis or floor length suits in near future.

Since her birth in November 2011, Aaradhya has been kept under close watch away from the paparazzi. Celebrity mom Aishwariya has set aside definite time for her baby during which she cannot be disturbed for anything. She has not yet decided to come back to any film though report has it that she has been approached by both Karan Johar and Mani Ratnam with offers. Instead, she is bent on being a full time mom for now and the result is that Aaradhya turned up dressed to the nines at the airport where she smiled at the camera but refused to let go of mommy.
aaradhya bachchan
aardhya bachchan
aaradhya bachchan
aaradhya bachchan