Aaradhya cries on mom Aishwarya's 39th birthday

No sooner Aaradhya Bachchan entered the venue on her mother Aishwarya Rai Bachchan arm; she became the center of attraction for media persons. The noise, the flashlights, camera and all the attraction made the 11 months toddler little disturbed and she cried as Aishwarya was called upon stage to receive the award. Aaradhya did not like her mom to leave her and moving to the platform.

A little separation from mother left the little one into tears. When Ash called up on the stage, she hand over Aaradhya to Abhishek Bachchan but it seems Aaradhya was uncontrollable and her father also could not control her. To calm Aaradhya down, papa Abhi took her outside the venue.

Aishwarya reasoned why the family prefers to keep Aaradhya away from media and public: "It gets overwhelming for babies. That's why we get protective. We would love to share our personal moments with all of you, but we tend to take care of our babies."

The actress also thanked her husband for giving her such a wonderful gift, "I am realising what it takes to be a mother. Thank you (Abhishek) for giving me such an indefinable experience of being a mother. It surpasses everything," she said while looking at Abhishek.

Aaradhya made her first public appearance on her dadaji Amitabh Bachchan’s 70th birthday. She was very close to her mom and she was accompanied by her mother when Ash left for Cannes and also went to Chicago to spend time with Abhishek when he was shooting for 'Dhoom 3'.

Aaradhya will turn one year on November 16th.