Aamir’s sister reveals some exciting facts about Azad

Aamir Khan’s sister Nikhat celebrated her 50th birthday recently and Aamir Khan postponed his ‘Dhoom 3’ shoot to celebrate his sister’s birthday. On the very occasion, Nikhat was caught to speak about her family, Aamir Khan and her newly born nephew Azad Rao Khan. In a candid chit-chat, Nikhat revealed that Azad bears resemblance to Aamir Khan.

She says,"Azad is cute and charming. And yes, he is picking up things like Aamir. My mother says that there are certain distinct mannerisms which have an uncanny resemblance to Aamir."

Nikhat always keeps updated with her brother's onscreen life. "I always watch his movies. Most of the time I watch it before the film releases to give my feedback or else I make it point to watch it on the first day of the release. To be honest, we never expected him to become an actor, but I am glad he did," she informs.

She not only spoke about Azad but also disclosed some interesting facts about Aamir Khan when he was a child. When asked whether Aamir used to pull her legs, she answered, "Not me, as I was the elder one, but Farhat would get bullied also because she was the youngest sibling," she adds. The occasion will also have Imran present. Imran being the first nephew, Nikhat says she has very good relations with him and also with others too. Ask her who is her favourite and she expresses, "I can't pick one. (laughs)"

She further adds, "It's not that we don't catch up now and then. But Aamir is so busy and always ends up getting calls in between when we meet. Farhat, will be flying down with her sons from the US."

Married to Santosh Hegde and settled in Pune, Nikhat has two children Seher and Shravan.