Aamir to sport bald look for Hindi remake of Tamil superhit Ghajini

Aamir Khan has always experimented with his hair style for several of his films. In Dil Chahta Hai he had a short youthful crop, in Mangal Pandey he grew his tresses and in Rang De Basanti he sported curly ruffled bangs. Well now the actor is all set to sport a new fresh look, Aamir will sport a bald pate for his forthcoming film which is the Hindi remake of the Tamil super hit film Ghajini. Aamir will actually go bald for the role rather than use a wig.
Aamir is a perfectionist and likes to do everything perfectly and hence he decided against using a wig and opted for shaving of his locks completely for the film. Aamir has already shot the first portion of the film where he will be seen with hair; however in the second half he goes bald. Sources add “Aamir will go bald in a month. The script of Ghajini demands that he sport a bald head.” The Hindi remake was earlier tentatively titled ‘Kajiri’, however due to the name already being registered by another filmmaker the film now has no new name yet. Aamir Khan stars with Tamil star Asin in the film who acted in the original Tamil version. Well sporting a bald look though is not novel, as actor Salman Khan has already sported this look recently though not in any of his films. In all likelihood, Aamir’s hair stylist Avaan Contractor may do the honours of shaving the star’s head, as Aamir is comfortable with him.

Meanwhile Aamir’s other film Lajjo with Mani Ratnam has either been put on the back burner or has been completely shelved. Some sources claim that Aamir wanted to make changes in the script and Mani was not too happy with Aamir’s interference. However according to new sources the real reason for the film being scrapped was differences between producer Bobby Bedi and director Mani Ratnam. Supposedly the differences between the two were over copyright issues of the film. However now Mani Ratnam who is very keen to work with Aamir is thinking of another project with him. Sources say “Mani is very keen to work with Aamir Khan. Not willing to let go of the opportunity to work with Aamir, he is already planning another project with him.” The film’s script is ready and the buzz is that the film with Mani and Aamir will take-off in November 2007. Actress Kareena Kapoor who was to star opposite Aamir in Lajjo may or may not be in the project. Here’s hoping that this talented duo will finally succeed in making their film together this time round without any glitches.