OMG: Aamir Khan now drops his transistor

Hrithik Roshan who has been heavily promoting his big budget action thriller ‘Bang Bang’ that released on 2nd October, had been throwing challenges to his industry colleagues recently. He has named it the ‘Bang Bang Dare’.

One of his latest ‘dare’ was given to none other than superstar Aamir Khan whose much anticipated film ‘PK’ is releasing in December.  Few days ago Hrithik dared Aamir through Twitter, "By POPULAR DEMAND! today's bangbangdare goes to d man himself THE PK! Aamir khan! Your dare is- Put the transistor down!!" 

Not known to back down from challenges, Aamir sportingly accepted the challenge and tweeted, "Hey Hrithik I accept the dare! Have asked Raju for the transistor, its on the way! Will shoot it asap n send it 2 u!!! But I take no responsibility for what happens after that." 

In the first ‘PK’ poster Aamir was nude and the transistor only protected his modesty. Everyone was curious to see how can Aamir deal with the challenge of baring it all. Finally the actor performed the dare albeit with a twist. He removed the transistor but this time he was fully clothed. Aamir uploaded the video and captioned it, “Hey Hrithik, so, here it is, Accomplished!” Since Hrithik did not mention anything about the clothes, he could not argue with the validity of the challenge.  Hrithik left it to the fans and said "Hahahaha! Bolo doston, winner? Ya punishment!"

Not just Aamir but several other A-listers of Bollywood have taken up Hrithik’s ‘Bang Bang Dare’ in recent weeks. The first star who took up Hrithik’s dare was Priyanka Chopra. The actress showed her fitness by doing a handstand and then three push-ups in that position. All the while she was wearing stilettos.  Perhaps the easiest dare was given to Sonam Kapoor. Hrithik asked her to share a collection of her craziest smiles. Sonam who is very active on social media gladly obliged.

Shahrukh Khan who has recently impressed fans with his eight-pack abs look was dared by Hrithik to reveal photos of his exercise session. SRK went a step further and uploaded a video of his entire exercise regimen. Not only SRK completed the challenge but left the fans awestruck with his hard work and dedication.  But the one who attracted the most spot light with his dare, was Bollywood hunk Ranveer Singh. He dressed up as Krrish from Hrithik’s superhero franchise and danced at a busy road intersection in Mumbai. The crazy video has since become viral on social media.