Aamir smokes during stress

Aamir Khan at Race premiereActor Aamir Khan is workaholic. He hates sitting ideal and always involved in some projects or the other. Too much work pressure and stress sometimes compel him to take up smoking. Aamir has admitted this bad habit in his blog to his fans. Recently, he is basking in the tension for his nephew Imran Khan’s new release Jaane Tu Yaa Jaane Naa and therefore taken up smoking.

The film is produced by him and it is all set to release in July 4. He is counting days and quite excited and tensed regarding the out coming of the film. He too promised his fans in his blog that he would discard smoking once the film hit the theater. He writes, “I get really stressed when any of my films is about to release. Bear with me folks, I'll give up smoking once Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na releases.”

Aamir is leaving no stone unturned to promote his nephew’s debut film and finds blogging an effective media to reach out to the public and send his message across them.