Aamir’s flight to Leh develops technical fault

Who can forget Rancho of ‘3 Idiots’ and the school in which it was shot? Miserably, the school of Leh in which the later part of the film was filmed was badly affected by flood. No sooner the news came to Aamir, he was highly disappointed and decided to visit the school and lend his support. With this aim, he took time off from his busy schedule and headed for Leh but unfortunately he could not land in Leh at the scheduled time as the flight suffered some technical problem.

The source informs, Jet Airways flight 9W1609 carrying Aamir Khan and 62 other passengers started for Leh at 6:30 am this morning but after an hour it returned to Delhi as the flight failed to receive clearance signal at the Leh airport.

The panic doesn’t end here, when the flight landed at the Delhi airport, it developed some technical problem and for that the flight was rescheduled to 9:30 am.

Finally, the flight took off at 9:30 am.