Mamu Aamir refrain Imran from jumping

Mama, Bhanja shares a good rapport. We all know how much Aamir mamu love his nephew Imran, he has launched in his home production and went far and wide to promote his bhanja’s debut film. A recent incident showed how much caring as an uncle he is. Kidnap requires a scene where Imran has to jump from 20 story building but Aamir desist him from jumping. He is very much concern about his safety and well-being.

Since Imran is a new guy and he is not a stunt hero, everyone suggested for a body double but Imran desired to do the action all by himself. When he rose at the top to do the shoot, Sanjay Dutt, another main protagonist of the film was observing him from the ground. He could sense the risk swinging over Imran’s head and immediately called up Aamir. On knowing everything in details from Sanjay, Aamir called up Imran and refrained him from jumping from the height.

Imran listened to his dearest manu and agreed for body double. Aamir feels that Imran is too young to undertake such dangerous stunts. Aamir is very much concern about Imran’s safety and resist him from taking any sort of risks.

It’s great to see mama-bhanja's lovely combination.