Aamir makes Sunny Leone cry!

Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone is happy that Indian audience has liked her performance in her Bollywood debut ‘Jism 2’. The film has been able to garner 21 crore in the first weekend and Sunny is thrilled with the response, she received from the Indian audience. Sunny has not only expressed her desire to work with Salman Khan but also said that he wished to act with Aamir Khan and added that she finds Katrina Kaif amazing. Aamir Khan is Sunny’s favorite actor and she is ready to do any movies with him. In an interview, the actress made a weird confession that Aamir makes her cry. But why?

Sunny said that whenever, she sees Aamir cry on-screen, she could not hold her tears. Elaborating her statement, she said, "Aamir is superb. Every time he cries onscreen, I cry too. I wanna tell him to stop; he's so powerful, he's like the best Indian crier ever".

Sunny has a deep admiration for Aamir as well. "Aamir Khan is one of my most favorite actors. I would love to do any movie with Aamir Khan”.

Sunny has a long list of wish.  She likes to date Salman Khan; she wants to act with Aamir etc. Hope, her wish gets fulfilled and she could establish herself as a Bollywood actress.