Aamir leaves for Haj with mother today

Keeping his promise that he made to his mother before leaving for Chicago, Aamir Khan today headed for Haj with his mother. Aamir who is very close to his mom promised her that once he returned from Chicago shoot, he will take her to Haj.

Going to Haj was a long wish of the perfectionist mother Zeenat Hussain. Aamir Khan returned from ‘Dhoom 3’ shooting in Chicago on Wednesday. When he launched the music of his movie ‘Talaash’, he addressed the press saying, "I am leaving for Haj and will be returning in the first week of November.''

Perfectionist Aamir knows how to keep a balance between his personal and professional life. Aamir asked his mother what gift she wants from him, she then expressed her long desire to go on a pilgrimage. According to Muslim tradition, married women can go to Haj either with her husband or with her son.

Keeping his promise to his mom, Aamir accompanied his mother to Mecca.

Aamir Khan who is very close to his mother is very protective about her and he became more caring of her after the death of his father Tahir Hussain in February 2010.