Aamir, Kiran’s time of togetherness

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao are slowly overcoming the trauma of losing their first unborn child. From the hectic schedule, Aamir finds out time for his grief-stricken wife and spending ample time with her. 

“Kiran and I are away from home, in one very quiet spot, just lying in and resting. Reading, going for walks, watching films…There are so many films to see, and books to read. One life time is not enough. Books, I read, but films I never get down to seeing,” Aamir wrote on his blog.

Aamir loves watching films a lot but he is strange that in the past few years, he has not been able to watch films, he wrote, “Strange, since, I love cinema so much. It's not as if I don't enjoying watching films. I really do, in fact when I watch a film I forget to blink and my eyes start hurting after a while. But for someone who is so steeped in films I have watched pathetically few films in all these years.”

Aamir’s next release is ‘3 Idiots’ on Christmas but at the same time he is looking into the post-production work of Kiran’s ‘Dhobi Ghaat’.