Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira moves into her new home

Perfectionist Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan has moved into her new house. Ira shared at home picture of her in which she is dressed in a night suit. The wall of her room is decked with poster of anime character Goku.

She is sitting in a wooden chair with a wooden table before her and she writing something on paper. There is also a wooden shelf where lots of books are placed. There is also a bottle of wine on her desk.

"Look at my new home. #movingout #myspace #firsttime #newbeginnings #milestone #cantwait #lettheadultingbegin #manvshouse," she captioned a series of picture on Instagram.

Like father, Ira Khan also wants to make her mark in movies. Talking about her interest in direction, Ira had told Hindustan Times, “I’ve always felt more comfortable and enthusiastic about working off-stage or behind the camera rather than [being] in front of it. I’ve never felt the inclination to act except if it were in an action film, so I get to learn all the cool stunts. Then again.. I can just learn how to do the stunts without a film to work on.”