Aamir wishes to buy his mother’s ancestral home in Varanasi

Superstar Aamir Khan celebrated his 51st birthday on Monday, March 14, with the media. Dressed in a white T shirt and jeans, the actor also cut a cake and interacted with newspersons at his Mumbai home on the occasion.

When asked about his birthday wishlist, Aamir said that that instead of receiving gifts, he would like to present his mother Zeenat Hussain her home. "My biggest wish today is that if I could buy my mother her ancestral home in Varanasi. My mother spent her childhood in Varanasi. My mother is over 80 now and I have been thinking about this for some time. I want to speak to the people who live in the house now and buy it from them," he said.

Calling Varanasi "extremely beautiful and historic", Aamir said he can't wait to have a house there. "I've been to Assi ghat. Varanasi is a beautiful and a historic place. So, if I get a home there, my mom's home there, that will give me the biggest happiness. Let's hope it happens," he added.

Aamir said that his first birthday wishes were from his wife Kiran Rao and four-year-old son Azad, who greeted him at the airport. He also revealed that the white T-shirt he was wearing at the press meet was printed with a picture drawn by Azad. He added that he would be happy with the gift of sleep, having flown into Mumbai early in the morning after a 32-hour-long journey.

Aamir has been following the tradition of a addressing the press on his birthday over the past few years. The ‘PK’ star who has bulked up for his upcoming sports biopic ‘Dangal’ has shed the extra weight and is sporting a slimmer look. He revealed that the movie based on Haryanvi wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat, will release as per schedule on December 25 and not in August as is being reported.

The actor was in the US for the past three weeks to achieve his new look to essay the younger version of the wrestler. "I was in the US for three weeks, just sleeping, eating and working out. I was exercising almost six hours a day," Aamir said.

Commenting on the backlash he received for his comments about “intolerance” last year, Aamir said, "People who questioned me were already biased towards me. I don't react to that - no matter what you do, people will raise questions." he said.

He also said that he valued and respected the 27-year relationship he shares with his viewers.

Aamir has completed shooting the second part of ‘Dangal’ where he portrayed Mahavir Singh Phogat as a 55-year-old wrestler. Now, he will begin the next schedule where he will essay the wrestler in his twienties.