Aamir Khan wants to romance Kiran on-screen

Perfectionist Aamir Khan feels his wife Kiran Rao is a fantastic actor and said that he would love to direct her in a film. Aamir wished Kiran to act in ‘Dhobi Ghat’ and felt sorry as he missed the opportunity to romance her in the movie.

"I would love to direct her. She is better actor than me. I hope we get to see her on Indian screen in a film or a theatre or play. I have told her so many times she is very talented and she must act," Aamir told reporters in Mumbai.

While narrating the story of ‘Dhobi Ghat’ Kiran caught Aamir's attention so much that he wanted her to play the role.

"Its true that I wanted Kiran to play the role of Yasmin in Dhobi Ghat. I think Kirti has done a wonderful and amazing job and I don't want to take away that from her. But I wanted Kiran to play the role played by Kirti," Aamir said.

"When she (Kiran) was narrating the character of Yasmin she was brilliant, the way she emoted it, she looked also innocent just like the role demanded with the UP dialect. Also, I would have loved to fall in love with her again on screen, what Arun (Aamir's character) did in the film. But my wife is not romantic," he chuckled.

Kiran, on her part, said, "I used to act in college and school days. But I have not thought of acting. I am not particularly interested about acting in films, I want to make films. I would love to do theatre."