Aamir Khan to weight 90 kg in 'Dangal'

Aamir Khan did a lot more than just acting in his last ‘PK’. By going totally nude on screen, he showed how sexy an alien could be! His six pack abs and a transistor alone to hide his front created a lot of buzz. But it is very well known that the actor is one of the most versatile that B-town has got. In his next ‘Dangal’, Aamir sheds the steamy look and adopts the serious role of a wrestler. Though he is sweating out in the gym for this challenging character, it doesn’t mean that he would be seen in all young and handsome avatar. Aamir would don the role of an aged wrestler in this upcoming sports biopic.

The actor revealed in a recent interview that he now weighs 90 kg! He says, “Right now, I am learning wrestling and Haryanvi, and putting on weight. So, you can say I am in full prep mode. Currently, I am at my heaviest. I weigh 90kg, which is a lot for a person of my height.” The film features Aamir in two different avatars- a younger version of the wrestler and the older version as well. This makes the work all the more difficult for Mr. Perfectionist.

Aamir further discussed about his exercise regime. He says that heavy weight training forms a part of his current routine now. While he works out, he simultaneously has to take care that he doesn’t lose weight. Currently, he is shooting for the parts that show him as an aged wrestler. The next year, Aamir will lose weight in order to play the younger version- 27 year old. He tells the media, he would shoot for the aged man’s role first, “Then, we will take a four-month break, during which I will follow a very strict diet, similar to what I did during Dhoom:3. I will cut down my body fat to nine per cent. I have to acquire the kind of physique I had in that film and shoot for another 15 days.”

The actor is 90 kg now, and is careful not to cut down any kilos so that he fits the role. But at the same time, he is careful to not gain any weight either! “I don’t think I need any more weight, because I have to lose it all to play a 27-year-old man in the same film. So, the heavier I get, the tougher it will be for me to cut down later on,” says Aamir.