Aamir Khan to wear worn-out clothes in PK!

<PK>Aamir Khan, the ‘Perfectionist’ of Bollywood, is well known for delving deep into the character that he plays. In his upcoming movie ‘PK’, directed by Rajkumr Hirani, he will be sporting old clothes in the movie.

His character in the movie is of an alien, who wears anything and everything that comes his way. To bestow a realistic hue to the character, Amir Khan has decided to wear worn-out or used clothes in the movie.

Going by Aamir Khan’s movie-history, people have seen him showcasing the cine characters, by treading beyond great lengths. He played a rustic man in his movie ‘Lagaan’, wherein he worked hard to get the dialect and a typical rustic-look. Diametrically opposed role he played in the movie ‘Ghajani’, where we saw his six packs and a macho avatar. Again, a diverse role he played in the movie ‘Three Idiots’, where he showcased a perfect college juvenile. Correspondingly, in his upcoming flick ‘PK’, the alien-look demands a natural disposition. It is a story of an alien who looks like a man, and uses many dresses to mingle with normal human beings.

Aamir Khan and director Raj Kumar Hirani, had a long session of tete-a-tete about the worn-out clothes to be used in the movie, to elevate Aamir’s character. As the alien, played by Amir, is supposed to wear stolen or borrowed clothes, Amir cannot carry out a ritzy look. Consequently they dropped any designer’s inclusion in the movie for Aamir and sought the local people’s help instead.

Even before the commencement of the movie’s shooting, the crew of the movie started –off for the mission of collating old clothes. Aamir himself along with Raj Kumar Hirani, collected clothes from their local crew and local people on the streets. They asked the local people to give-away their used and worn-out clothes; alternatively, the crew replaced the same with money or new clothes. When they were shooting in Rajasthan, they needed some Rajasthani-print clothes. But they declined to explore the market for the same, but borrowed from the local Rajasthani people. The locals were overwhelmed to help.

Anushka Sharma will be playing the female protagonist. Sushant Singh Rajput, Sanjay Dutt and Boman Irani will be seen in other significant roles in the movie. Siddharth Roy kapoor and Vidhu Vinod Chopra are jointly producing the movie, which is presumed to rock the theatres on 19th of December.