Aamir Khan to produce film on the plight of farmers

Aamir Khan’s last production Lagaan dealt with plight of the rural people in British Raj of India, now Aamir wants to take up another topic that deals with the plight of the rural people set in today’s times. Aamir is all set to produce a film on the rising plight of farmers in rural areas. In particular the film will deal with the alarming rise of farmer suicides in the country and the government’s apathy towards the situation. Well Aamir Khan always speaks his mind but this time he will be doing it through his film. Fighting for a social cause that he believes in is fortunately still Aamir’s mantra only the means of doing so has perhaps changed.
Aamir Khan was extremely moved on reading the script and immediately agreed to produce the film, however the film was scripted and will be directed by former journalist Anusha Rizvi. The topic of increasing farmer suicides in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh has been a bone of contention in the present government’s side since quite a while now, according to statistics “approximately around 1920 farmers have committed suicide between January 1, 2006 and August 19, 2006. Also nearly 2.8 million of the 3.2 million cotton farmers are defaulters. The film is surely going to be an eye opener that traces the real reasons for the collapse of the green revolution.”

The story will portray a broadcast journalist researching several defaulter farmers and their families, the journalist will uncover the lives and the plight faced by these farmers. However Aamir and his team are looking for new talent and are currently auditioning various new people for the different roles. Aamir wants to give fresh new young talent a chance through this film. Today when producers want big stars to grace their films, Aamir is choosing to walk another path and scout for fresh new talent instead. Well here’s one actor who has always been known to do things differently.