Aamir Khan to go full Monty in ‘Peekay’

After ‘Dhoom 3’, perfectionist Aamir Khan is going to create another dhoom with his new bare-dare role in Rajkumar Hirani’s upcoming film, ‘Peekay’. And guess what! Aamir Khan will be going full Monty in the film. In ‘Peekay’, he is playing an alien and going by the fact he will be seen in bare dare mode just like a real aliens.

As we all know aliens hardly know anything about clothes and here too Aamir will be purely ignorant about clothes. He will be coming from different planet and he too doesn’t have any sense of clothes. Hence, he is seen sporting a bizarre outfit skirt, dupatta. 

If in ‘Ghajini’, Aamir Khan showed his chilled body then in ‘Peekay’ audience will get to see some more from the superstar. Initially, the makers decided to use a body double for the nude scene but Aamir insists on doing the scene all by himself. H was not in favour of using body double. The scene will be shot in full caution. No mobile phones and cameras will be allowed and the scene will be shot in the presence of limited crew members.

Aamir Khan is not the only actor to go bare on-screen. In the past, actors like John Abraham in ‘New York’, Neil Nitin Mukesh in ‘Jail’, Milind Soman and recently Raj Kumar Rao in 'Shahid' went for ‘no-clothes’ scene.

‘Peekay’ stars Anushka Sharma and Sushant Singh Rajput apart from Aamir. The film will also see an intense lip-lock between Anushka and Aamir.