Some of the controversial girls of 2011

With all its highs and lows, the year 2011 was not without its own share of controversies. While some of them were official, most were to be heard through the grapevine. In course of bidding farewell this soon to be elapsing year, it will be an interesting exercise looking back over some of the controversial figures and bones of controversies surrounding them. To go by the refined decorum of ‘ladies first’ it won’t be unwise unraveling the list of controversial ladies

1. Veena Malik
Veena Malik

In a life marked by mediocrity and uneventful boredom, a quick glimpse into Veena Malik’s saga will prove to be interestingly exciting. The Pakistani actress with her belligerent ways and bombastic disclosures can really keep the media upbeat. If it isn’t for her nudity, then it has to be about her claim as to their so called fakeness; the sultry beauty of lanky frame knows how to be on a headline grabbing spree. As the news about her topless stint catches the media unaware, she is sure to have it followed up by vibrantly sensational news of sudden disappearance.

2. Sofia Hayat
Sofia Hyat

Another exciting piece of news to scintillate Indians- the British Asian model has recently hit upon a novel plan to enchant you, me and all Indians. In order to give a fitting glow to her birthday bash, Sofia was seen donning a black & sizzling bikini.  Mind you, it was the purpose of charming Indians that made the half British model don two pieced sensational. A novel dressing sense indeed!

3. Poonam Pandey
Poonam Pandey

Having lots to offer to the net savvy visitors, the model cum actress isn’t less belligerent than her overseas counterpart. With a string of sensational videos in her kitty, the trendy aspirant to rock filmdom doesn’t mind adding some more to her name.

4. Sayali Bhagat

When nothing strikes good enough to make it big, some may prefer framing allegations to have them refuted by a set of another. At least, the very act of bitching and counter bitching will keep them in reckoning. Unfortunately, similar seems to be true of Sayali Bhagat. Having accused the co actor Shiny Ahuja of harassment, Sayali followed it up by a round of total denial. As per the latest doing the rounds, the aspiring actress had her finger pointed at some of the leading who’s who of the industry, perhaps to come up with another round of denial.

5.  Rakhi Sawant
Rakhi Sawant

No countdown to controversy would ever be complete without the illustrative example of Rakhi Sawant. The sensational show girl is keen on giving the ‘Censor Board’ a piece of her mind and to ensure the same she doesn’t mind reaching out to the highly inspirational Anna Hazare.