Aamir Khan still loves his former wife Reena

Reena Dutta was perfectionist Aamir Khan’s first love. He fell for Reena in his teenage and both tied the knot against the wish of their respective families. Their marriage last for 15 long years and blessed with two children, Junaid and Ira. Over these years, Aamir and Reena remain connected and Reena is always spotted at the actor’s family function. The couple married in 1986 and got divorced in 2002. Though legally separated, Aamir Khan has the highest respect and love for his ex-wife Reena.

"Reena is extremely important and is very much a part of the family and she will always be. Our relationship has undergone a change. From legal point of view we are divorced. But I think the bond that we share is not going to break with a piece of paper. There is lot of love and regard for her in my heart," ‘Dhoom 3’ star said in a statement.

Aamir and Reena’s elder son Junaid Khan has a Bollywood aspiration and papa Aamir appreciates his aim. Junaid is assisting Raj Kumar Hirani in ‘Peekay’, which features Aamir and Anushka in the lead.

"If Junaid wishes to act he must. As of now Junaid is still figuring out what he wants to do. Once he makes up his mind and if we come across a script that will suit him, I will be more than happy to back him," Aamir said.

The ‘Talaash’ actor speaks about his insecurities and his biggest fear of losing his loved ones.

"I have many insecurities in life. I am called captain caution by family members. I am constantly worrying about safety etc. My biggest insecurity is losing people I love. I have insecurity relating to work that at some point I will lose it...my creative instincts will go away completely and I will be the last one to know about it,” Aamir was quoted as saying.

"Hence I take criticism seriously. When I hear something about my work I look at it again, I don't want to take it lightly. I give it lot of value."

Aamir, who is currently married to Kiran Rao and has a son Azad with his second wife, said he isn’t concerned about losing his stardom.

"No I don't fear that...that is going to happen for sure but I don't think or fear about it. I worry about losing people...that is my biggest fear," he added.