Aamir Khan signs whopping Rs. 88 crore deal

Bollywood stars are well known for their hefty charges. The majority of the income of the cine stars is from films and endorsements. The tinsel town is well known for its fair share of competition among the celebrities to get a higher pay than the contemporaries. But, this time it seems that Aamir Khan has won the race with a convincing margin.

Aamir believes in his social responsibilities and therefore he was involved with advertisement campaigns with a strong social message in them. But now a reputed electronics brand wanted to cash on the popularity of the actor and wanted him to appear in a series of advertisements for the brand.

Aamir Khan will be working for the series of advertisements of the brand during the period of a year and he has charged a whooping Rs. 88 crore for the endorsement deal. A few advertisements of the series are already in air and the rest will be shot soon. Aamir will be paid the amount over a certain period of time.   

An internal source stated, “After Aamir ended his contract for his previous commercial brand endorsements during the shoot of his TV show with a social message, this is the first ad he has done for a commercial brand. He is careful about choosing endorsements and when the company offered him the deal, he took his own time to sign it. After the initial talks, he quoted a huge amount of Rs 88 crore.”

The source farther added that, “Aamir’s fee appears to be mindboggling but the brand wanted to shoot a series of ads with him. They were looking forward to a change in their strategy and hence agreed to rope in Aamir even at such a high cost. They are eagerly waiting to see if the sales figures have shown growth after the actor came on board.”

The spokes person for the actor didn’t wish to comment anything on the topic and Aamir Khan himself remained elusive to face any question. We look forward to the advertisements and their effect on the sales figure of the brand as well. After all this can be a case study to understand the return on investment that a cine star can provide in India and whether it is a wise decision to invest such huge amount on them for brand promotion.