Aamir Khan served with a non-bailable warrant

Aamir Khan seems to be faced with a slew of problems, first the family problems regarding brother Faisal Khan’s mental health and now he has been served with a non-bailable warrant by a local court in Madhya Pradesh. After Aamir Khan failed to appear in court despite a bailable warrant against him, a non bailable warrant was served on him regarding a case filed for disrespect to the national flag .

In August, Aamir visited a car showroom where the national flag was flying high even after sunset. The flag is supposed to be at half mast after sunset. Shailendra Sharma filed a case in the Madhya Pradesh court against the actor and three other members. Aamir Khan failed to appear for court hearings thrice and hence a non-bailable warrant was issued against him. However Aamir’s lawyer claimed that the actor was unaware that he had to appear in court, but the judge dismissed this plea.

Meanwhile Aamir is also facing several personal problems within his family. His brother Faisal Khan who had a brief and unsuccessful stint in the film industry has accused him of forcibly giving him medical treatment for a mental condition. Faisal claimed that he was mentally fit and did not have schizophrenia as Aamir had suggested and that he was forcibly giving him medical treatment. Aamir’s father Tahir Khan too claims that his son Faisal is not ill and perfectly fine mentally.

But there seems to be a clash within the family as Aamir, his mother and sister believe that Faisal is suffering from a mental condition and that he needs medical attention. Now the matter has been taken to court with Tahir Khan claiming for custody of his son Faisal. But recently Faisal was missing for a while, but now he has been found and has been brought to the hospital. Doctors are keeping him under observation to clarify whether he does have a mental condition or not. Aamir recently went to the hospital along with his mother to speak with the doctors about Faisal. Aamir was quite and sullen but he has maintained a dignified silence to the media as it is a sensitive family matter.