Aamir Khan’s new ‘Thande Ka Tadka’ ad for Coca-Cola

Aishwarya Rai’s advertisement for Coca-Cola’s ‘Thande Ka Tadka’ campaign featured the beautiful actress in a light, fun filled avatar. It’s now the turn for Coca-Cola’s other brand ambassador to feature in an ad for the ‘Thande Ka Tadka’ campaign. Aamir Khan has played a variety of roles over the past few years for the various Coca-Cola campaigns that he has done. He has played a Bihari, Nepali, Punjabi and even a Tapori (loafer). This time too Aamir will be seen in a different get up, which is that of a Japanese tourist.
The advertisement opens with Aamir Khan, who has been given the look and get up of a Japanese tourist, entering a restaurant. The manager thinks that he can easily corn this unsuspecting tourist and gives him a special overpriced menu. But Aamir refuses this and instead asks for ‘Thanda Food’. The manager is perplexed and only later on understands that his wise tourist is asking for Thanda (Coca-Cola) and food. Coca-Cola with this ad campaign is seeking to send out the message that food should be had along with Coca-Cola and it also re-emphasizes the synonymous relation between Coca-Cola and ‘Thanda’.

Coca-Cola vice president marketing, Vikas Gupta says, “Thanda is synonymous with Coca-Cola. It is also an established fact that food tastes best when had with the world’s favourite soft drink. To blend and deliver all these messages to the consumers, the new brand initiative utilizes Aamir’s humour and acting skills. The initiative further enhances the impact of Coca-Cola’s brand campaign for the summer- ‘Thande Ka Tadka’.” The new ad has been conceptualized by McCann Erickson’s Prasoon Joshi and has been directed by Pradip Sarkar. Aamir Khan’s look for the advertisement has been done fantastically. Aamir has been given the complete detailed look of a Japanese tourist with tiny eyes and even the attire of a tourist. And his acting skills and charm adds the final touches to the ad.

The ending of the advertisement is different and a complete surprise for audiences. The new brand campaign will be launched on April 26. So, watch out!