Aamir Khan’s mother, sisters, wife, ex-wife and extended family support him

Aamir Khan and his family are going through a personal crisis, recently Aamir’s brother Faisal Khan claimed that he was being forcibly given medication on Aamir’s insistence, despite the fact that he was not mentally ill. Aamir’s father Tahir Hussain too supports Faisal and has claimed that Faisal is perfectly fine. Recently the matter was in court and since Faisal did not want to be with Aamir, his father Tahir Hussain was granted custody. However son Faisal and father Tahir have been making severe accusations against Aamir. However the actor has chosen to maintain a dignified silence about his family problems. However now the rest of the family including Aamir’s mother, sisters, brother-in-laws, wife, ex-wife and extended family members have decided to come out in support of Aamir and his decisions.
However the family dispute has come to a standstill after the court granted custody of Faisal to father Tahir Hussain and not to Aamir Khan . Faisal Khan and Tahir Hussain have constantly been maligning actor Aamir Khan with various accusations. Faisal has also claimed that he fears that Aamir Khan will do him some harm. Despite all these allegations, Aamir has simply chosen to remain silent. But the rest of his family, his mother, his sisters, brother-in-laws, his wife and her parents and even his ex-wife have finally come out to support Aamir and claim that all these rumours are completely false and baseless. The family official statement claimed "As a family, we have always believed in maintaining our silence and dignity, choosing not to react to the many absurd allegations that are frequently hurled at our loved one, Aamir. But this time we feel the need to express our utter shock, disgust and contempt at the public statements of Tahir Husain and Faisal Khan. Their offensive allegations, malicious lies and pathetic behaviour are truly shameful.”

The family claimed that it was extremely saddening to see brother Faisal and father Tahir stoop so low with the baseless allegations simply to hurt Aamir, especially since he has always been there for his brother and father during their time of crisis. The family also claimed that Aamir has helped his father and brother on several occasions, but they have only repaid him with envy and hatred for his good deeds. In fact they claim that Aamir has always put his family before himself and supported all of them whenever they required it. The family stated “We strongly condemn the comments and allegations made by Tahir Hussain and Faisal Khan against Aamir and our family. We support Aamir and stand by him in whatever he does.”

The family claimed that Faisal was unwell and required medical attention. They also made it clear that Aamir only wanted custody of Faisal so that he could help Faisal and take care of him. However the family and Aamir respect the courts order and they hope that now Tahir Hussain will dutifully take care of Faisal.