Aamir Khan’s 3.5 crore ad

Whether it is film or endorsement, Aamir Khan sign any deal with much thought and once he is into it, he gives his cent percent. The actor recently shot an expensive ad with a whopping price of Rs 3.5 crore and the specialty of the ad is that it will never go on air. So audience will miss to watch the ad as it is only for the corporate world. It will be played at the corporate’ conferences for business deal.

A source in the industry reveals, "Other actors in the industry are known to charge astronomical figures for shows, product endorsements and appearances. But when it comes to doing something totally out-of-the-box, only the perfectionist Aamir can achieve that."

The source further adds, "Aamir is a regular consumer of the group's products especially its rose sherbet. the reason why he agreed to model for the drink as well as its other products.

Moreover the company has a name and has stood guard for a century. It also has an international presence with its products in great demand in the West. Aamir weighed all these reasons before signing on the dotted line."