Aamir Khan, Rohit Shetty pays Kalpana Lajmi's medical bills

Film fraternities like Aamir Khan, Rohit Shetty and many others came forward to help out filmmaker Kalpana Lajmi with her medical expenses, who is fighting kidney ailment .

 "Till the last day of my life, I will have to undergo dialysis three times a week and it doesn't come cheap. But thanks to the generous Aamir Khan and his wife Kiran (Rao), my dialysis bills have been covered for the next six months," Ms Lajmi told Mumbai Mirror.

‘Dilwale’ director Rohit Shetty has also contributed Rs 2 lakhs.

Filmmaker Ashoke Pandit, who has been involved in raising funds for Ms Lajmi thanked Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao and Rohit Shetty for their generosity.

Thank you @aamir_khan #KiranRao @rohitshettyfilm for responding to #IFTDA's appeal for #KalpanaJi.

Kalpana Lajmi is touched to see the love and affection pouring in from all quarters.

Speaking to Indian Express, Lajmi said, “This whole movement was initiated by Ashoke Pandit and Vinita Nanda. Earlier I was embarrassed to take help. But they told me that Aamir and Rohit Shetty had come forward and have taken care of the next six months. It makes you feel that your work’s worth has been respected. I feel very respected and wanted now.”

Kalpana who was also Assamese maestro Bhupen Hazarika’s partner for over 40 years said that work on the legendary singer-composer’s biopic is on. Shared Lajmi, “I am collaborating with Prem Soni on Dada’s biopic. I have two actors in mind to play Dada. Among the senior lot, Ajay Devgn and among the new ones it is Ranveer Singh. Both are top notch actors and I feel either of them can come closest to the spirit of Dada and embody him well on screen.”

Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi in September contributed one lakh rupees for Lajmi’ treatment, Kalpana Lajmi also expressed her gratitude to Tarun Gogoi, “Tarunji bailed out Dada and he has now sent me one lakh rupees. There was no need to help me because Bhupendra was the son of soil and not me. Yet the decency that he gave me by virtue of me being with Dada makes me feel truly touched. I have promised to treat him to lunch whenever he comes here.”

The whole movement was initiated by Ashoke Pandit.  “I learnt about Kalpanaji’s situation about ome and half months back. I and Vinita Nanda analysed it and figured that she needed help immediately. I then messages two people, Rohit Shetty and Aamir Khan. Both agreed to help immediately. While Rohit sent a cheque of two lakhs, Aamir gave six lakhs,” said Ashoke Pandit.

Lauding the industry for standing by Lajmi’s side in this hard time, Ashoke said,” When you are not well and you have financial issues, you get into depression. I went all out and whenever I have gone out with open hands,our industry has helped me.”

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