Aamir Khan praises PM Modi’s cleaning drive

Everyone knows that Aamir Khan is quite passionate about social work and is always taking initiatives that are useful for the betterment of the society. Despite being a busy film star, Aamir spends a lot of time and effort behind his TV reality show ‘Satyamev Jayate’ that deals with social causes. He has also been generous in his praise of state governments who has undertaken efforts to solve issues raised by the show.

Now Aamir has spoken out to praise PM Narendra Modi on his 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan' cleaning drive. The superstar was recently in Bhopal to shoot some episodes for ‘Satyamev Jayate’. While there, interacting with the media he described the initiative by PM Modi, as his most impressive mission so far. He also felt that with citizen participation, the initiative will be successful. When asked about the response from the government regarding his show, Aamir said, "The government has always been co-operative. A couple of days back I interacted with Nitin Gadkari over an issue for over an hour when he said that there are a lot of pressure and frictions while implementing new policies and rules. But when people in lakhs and crores show their support through the show, it gives him (Gadkari) more strength."

Aamir also added, "But there are a few private lobbies which sometimes try to create problems but we manage to handle them." Regarding the ‘Swachh Bharat’ initiative, Aamir explained how proper use of liquid and solid waste management help in making an area clean. He said, "You can generate gas, manure and power if solid and liquid waste management techniques, which are very simple, are adopted by municipalities and citizens. We should not dump our waste on dumping grounds as that is very harmful when blackish liquid penetrates into the land.” He added, "Both, government and citizens are responsible for the current situation on the issue in the country." He also cited an example of a municipality in Jodhpur that has taken effective measure of waste management.

When asked about what to expect from his show, Aamir said, "Anything that concerns the common man, Satyamev Jayate will make sure it gets highlighted." Since he was in Bhopal, questions about the infamous gas tragedy inevitably came up. To this Aamir responded, "That’s an issue of national importance and I will read more about it, will ask my team to research and we will definitely try to let people know about it and seek some solution."