Aamir Khan on the media and his films

Aamir Khan rarely gives interviews to the media, as he feels that often the media takes pot shots at him because he is a reclusive actor. Aamir has just finished directing his first film ‘Taarein Zameen Par’; he is also busy working on a few other film projects. The actor chats about the media’s behaviour towards him, his forthcoming films and what makes him do the different roles and films that he does.

Aamir is very comfortable with the fact that he does not mix around in the film industry or asks the media for favours and in turn gives interviews to them. However at times he gets upset and is sad that often the media makes baseless accusations about him. About the media, Aamir says “I don’t play the game and often interact with the media or make personal friends with various journalists etc. So certain things that are written about me are mostly untrue and malicious. Sometimes the media takes pot-shots at me because I am not playing the game and I am a recluse.” Aamir also further adds “When I’m doing a film, I find myself too absorbed in it, so I’m unable to spare time for interviews.” Due to being so absorbed in his films Aamir admits that at times he is inaccessible to answer media queries, he says “maybe I should be more accessible to the media and the press when they need to clarify something with me. But on the flip side there are so many absurd stories going around about me that I would have to clarify something everyday.”

Aamir loves to do films that he believes in with his heart and instinct, irrespective of the banner or director. In fact Aamir has worked with many directors who have not given hits. About the kind of films that he does, Aamir says “My choice of film is governed by my heart and instinct. I’m not governed by what the market demands. If a script excites me, I want to do it irrespective of the budget.” Aamir also feels that he is number one in terms of pulling in the crowds; he says “I think I am number one, but will never be called that. I’m the only actor who pulls in an audience irrespective of who else is there in the film and for me that’s what makes a star.” Aamir has also received a lot of flak as he does not attend award functions here but goes for the Oscars. In fact both his colleagues in the film industry SRK and Salman too have taken pot-shots at him for this in public. Aamir however says “At that time when I went for the Oscars, I did not know whether I can trust this entity or not. But here I know that I definitely don’t trust them, so I know that I am definitely not going. Salman and SRK are both friends and we get along really well, so I don’t really mind if they take digs at me.” Aamir is also open to working with bollywood’s other two big Khans, Salman and Shahrukh. Aamir says “I would love to work with Salman and Shahrukh provided the right script comes my way. I m sure that the three of us would love to do a film together.”

Aamir also puts the rumours of a bad encounter with director Amol Gupte to rest once and for all and he also admits that he has directed his first film. Aamir says “I wasn’t meant to be the director for Taarein Zameen Par; it was only a film that I was acting and producing. Amol Gupte had written the script, but unfortunately I was not very happy when I saw the rushes of the film. I lost faith in Amol to be able to bring on to screen what was in his script. So I offered to give him the script back so that he could direct it with another producer and with another actor. But Amol later came back to me and said that he wants me to continue as the producer and he decided o step back as the director. After going over several options Amol suggested that I take over as director. So I took on the responsibility and did the best that I could.” Aamir also adds “I’d always wanted to direct a film, but this was no an ideal situation. I’d have liked to spend more time on the script and visualize it. Despite that it was very challenging, a great learning experience and great fun.”

Aamir also generally never speaks about his personal life, but this once he decides to put rumours of trouble in his second marriage with Kiran Rao to rest, Aamir rubbishes these rumours and says “There is no truth at all in this story, there is no problem at all. Kiran and me are very happy together.” But Aamir is sad that the media just goes around spreading these rumours, he says “I’m surprised that when a film magazine writes such junk, there are national news channels too who report this as if it were true. It’s shocking and it’s sad that there are people who are earning by writing such lies and reporting such malicious things.” Aamir also claims that his wife Kiran Rao will soon be directing a film, he says “Kiran will direct soon. I must confess that I was bowled over by the script that she has written. I’m definitely going to produce it.”

Aamir has also shot for the film Ghajini and Mani Ratnam’s Lajjo is still on the cards. Well Aamir’s fans are definitely anticipating his films with eagerness and we hope that many more of his films will go to the Oscars.