Aamir Khan makes a truce call to Amitabh Bachchan

Aamir Khan has always stayed away from the mud slinging that many of his co-stars in bollywood indulge in; however it seems that he too has unwittingly been drawn into a controversy with none other than the Big B, Amitabh Bachchan. It all began with Aamir criticizing the film Black and the performances of the actors in the film. Amitabh then reacted by claiming that it was Aamir’s personal choice but that perhaps the performances had gone ‘over the top’ of Aamir’s head. Now Aamir has perhaps realized that his comment has hurt the sentiments of a senior actor like Amitabh and hence the latter recently gave Amitabh’s office a call hoping for a truce conversation.
At the time when Aamir was asked for his opinion on Sanjay Leela Bhansali as his movie Saawariya had just released, Aamir commented that he not seen the present film but that he had seen the director ‘s ‘Black’ and he termed it as ‘insensitive’ and ‘manipulative’. At the time Aamir perhaps thought that he was doling out constructive criticism, however when Amitabh reacted to what Aamir had said in a negative way, Aamir decided to call Big B and sort out the situation before it went out of hand. Aamir then called up Amitabh’s office and spoke to his secretary Rosy asking for an immediate appointment with Amitabh. However at the time Amitabh was busy and has yet to get back to Aamir. The latter has also shown his respect towards Amitabh on his blog where he states “I have the highest regard for Mr. Bachchan and I am a very big fan of his work. I have no hesitation in even saying that I don’t even feature on the same platform as an actor.”

A friend of Aamir states “Things seemed to be going a bit awry between the two actors who have never indulged in mud-slinging against anybody in the past. But now thankfully Aamir has decided to resolve the matter amicably. Aamir has taken the first step in calling for a truce and hopefully Amitabh too will make an effort at taking Aamir’s earlier criticism in the right spirit.