Aamir Khan loses custody of brother to father Tahir Hussain

The battle between two brothers and the rest of the family members also being dragged into, has been on for weeks now, when Aamir’s brother Faisal accused him of forcibly keeping him in his custody and also administering medical treatment when he did not require it. Yesterday, a part of the battle came to an end when a metropolitan court granted custody of Faisal Khan to his father Tahir Hussain and not to Aamir as requested by the latter.
Faisal had been staying in one of Aamir’s flats but some time back he ran away. However he was later brought back and admitted to JJ Hospital so that doctors could keep him under observation and ascertain whether he was mentally ill as brother Aamir, his mother and sisters claimed. After observing Faisal for a period of time, the head of the hospital concluded that he is ill and needs medical attention. The head also stated that he should be kept with a responsible person who can take care of his medical problems. Aamir Khan recently petitioned the court to grant him the custody of his brother Faisal and not his father Tahir Hussain as he claimed that the latter was insolvent and already merged in deep debts. Aamir claimed that such a person would be unable to take care of his brother.

Brother Faisal though continues to maintain that he is not suffering from any mental illness and that Aamir had taken the law into his own hands by forcibly giving him medication. Faisal maintained that he wants to be with his father and not brother Aamir. Hence the court granted custody of Faisal to his father Tahir Hussain for a month. Aamir was no doubt disappointed but stated “For the last two and a half years, I have looked after the treatment of my brother Faisal Khan, to the best of my ability and on the advice of respected doctors whom I trust implicitly. I have always wanted the best for my brother and care for him deeply. However the honourable court has granted custody to my father and I respect the order. I hope that my father will take care of Faisal and fulfil the responsibility the court has entrusted him with. I wish Faisal all the best for the future, and I want him to know that I am always there for him.”