Aamir Khan, wife Kiran talk about having son Azad via IVF

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao are proud parents of a five-year-old son Azad born through surrogacy. Five years down the line, Aamir and Kiran talked openly about having baby through IVF.

"Haven't done anything wrong, it's nothing to hide," said Aamir, 51 while speaking at the inauguration of the new fertility centre at Mumbai's Jaslok Hospital on August 15.

"Kiran and I both wanted a child and when Azad was born, both of us were very happy and we both wanted to be honest with people about it. We haven't done anything wrong have nothing to hide and people should know about it. So, we also honestly told the media that we have had a child through IVF surrogacy and we are very happy that we did it, it has brought a lot of happiness in our lives," said Aamir.

"However we are, nature has made us this way and we should accept that. Everybody has problems. Everybody has good traits and the way we are is natural and we should not hesitate and feel shy. Today medically so many things are possible that wasn't possible earlier," added the actor.

"It's such a joy to have a child in your life. It's something that really changes your life. When I had my first child, Junaid, it changed me, changed my life. But there are so many parents, people, so many single parents who are unable to have child," Aamir said, who is also a father of son Junaid and daughter Ira from his first marriage.

Kiran narrated her story as how they struggled to conceive before having a baby via surrogacy. "I was telling Aamir while we were on our way here that I don't know what I did for those twenty years before Azad was born. My life feels so full now. We had a lot of trouble trying to have a baby," she said.

Also present at the event was new single dad actor Tusshar Kapoor, who recently announced the birth of his son Laksshya via IVF and surrogacy. "Everybody in the country has been very accepting. That was a bit surprise for me because I thought there would be diverse views, some kind of 'oohs and ahas' about it, all kinds of opinion. But nothing of that sort happened. Especially the media has been so supportive of Laksshya and my choice of having a family in this manner," said Tusshar.

When Aamir was asked if it is possible to make a movie on the subject, Aamir said, "Certainly, why not ? I mean if a nice (idea) comes out, you can certainly make a film on it. I mean, it depends on the script. So, I don't have any fixed opinion on what kind of film I should make".