Aamir Khan in favor of severe action against female feticide

In India the bias for a boy child was always on high and recent technical developments in the medical science have blown the problem out of proportion. Ultrasonography can be used to determine the sex of the fetus. This helped the biased families to use abortion as a tool to get rid off of the girl child. The unholy nexus of certain section of medical fraternity and biased society has helped this unholy and illegal practice to thrive for some time. This was vividly documented and televised in the popular TV show "Satyamev Jayate".

The show created a national outcry against the evil practice. Maharashtra government responded to the issue with a proposal to charge the people with homicide, who will be involved in such incident.  The Central Government of India is yet to give the opinion on this matter. However, Aamir Khan was all praises for the move and supported the Maharashtra government with the statement that, "I think female feticide is a very serious issue. And if it continues the way it is, it will get worse. I am so happy that Maharashtra government is likely to propose this."   

Aamir also added that "I want to add here that abortion is legal and it should be. I am pro choice for women. But female feticide, when we find out the sex and kill the girl child, should finish and very severe punishment should be given."

The 2011 Census of the government of India throws some disturbing facts to light and indicates towards the gigantic proportion of the problem. According to it, the number of abortion for unborn girl child is equivalent to 10,00,000 killing in a single year. It is a blood chilling number. Already the effects of this malpractice have started to surface. The male female ration is getting greatly disturbed. According to the current statistics available, there are only 914 female for every 1000 male. This is an alarming scenario.

Aamir Khan is proud to have addressed this issue in the first episode of "Satyamev Jayate". Commenting on the show Aamir quoted, "I am happy that people are connecting emotionally with the show. My team and I like that we have reached people's hearts and have churned ideas. There are so many things which are hidden and they need to be brought out in the public light. These things need to be discussed so that they can be dealt with."

We are thankful to the actor for presenting the Indian audience with a refreshing reality show that addresses the current social issues.