Aamir Khan going to Delhi with ‘Mumkin Hai’

Aamir Khan who has made a huge impact on television with the social issue based reality show ‘Satyamev Jayate’, is currently hosting the third season of the show. Back in August, Aamir promised that on the new season apart from the celebrities, there will also be a new segment. The new segment has been named ‘Mumkin Hai’. It is an hour long segment that takes place after each episode of the show is telecasted. During this segment Aamir chats live with audience members to hear their thoughts on the episode. Viewers can call Aamir from any part of India through a number and chat with him.

The segment is held in a different city each week. After holding the segment in Chandigarh and Jaipur, Aamir is taking ‘Mumkin Hai’ to the nation’s capital Delhi. He is also scheduled to visit cities like Pune, Kanpur and Bhopal in the coming days. A spokesperson from the show said in a statement, "Aamir is doing this week's episode live from Delhi. Aamir has been saying that this is his favourite episode.” Aamir will be focusing on issues like reducing road accidents and importance of sports in our society. The episode on sports was recently telecasted and featured established sportspersons and also regular citizens whose lives have been changed by sports.

After the sports episode, Aamir shared his views about sports with the media. He said, "Our children have the right to be taught sports as they are taught Maths or English. There is a strong need to reach out to children of weaker sections of society for teaching them sports. Sports should be made integral part of curriculum of main education."

Aamir also expressed his concerns about children not taking part in outdoor activities by saying, "It frightens me that children play alone and are cut off from the rest of the world. Outdoor games help in connecting with people." He also promised to raise the issue of drugs and clarified that he was not the star of the show.  Aamir said, "We will come out with an episode in future to keep children away from drugs,” before adding, “I am not the hero of the show. I get you introduced to the hero, the people who have been doing good things in their life." He also urged everyone to make their contribution in solving problems, “If I can't solve any problem that does not mean I sit idle, keep quiet and become a fence sitter. This country belongs to all...contribution from everybody is needed for bringing a change."