Aamir Khan gets emotional on ‘Satyamev Jayate’

Aamir Khan has been highlighting sensitive socio-economical issues for some time now with the help of his popular reality TV show, ‘Satyamev Jayate’. But even the calm and cool superstar was emotionally overwhelmed recently while taking part in the live segment portion of the show that dealt with issues of tuberculosis.

A new live segment called ‘Mumkin Hai’ was introduced for the current season of ‘Satyamev Jayate’. After each episode, Aamir interacts with the audience members live on the sets and discusses issues and share views. The latest episode featured tuberculosis patients, who have been able to survive this deadly disease and are now inspirations for others. During the interaction Aamir got emotional and said, "I emotionally broke down after meeting people during the show. Please give me some time to recover."  Aamir also told that people don’t want the show to end and he assures them that his team will assure that the show never stops.

Aamir Khan’s friend and fellow star Salman Khan also appeared on the show. Salman himself is known to be heavily involved in social work through his NGO, ‘Being Human’. One of Salman’s fans wanted to meet him and thank him because Salman had helped him out years ago. Aamir obliged and brought his superstar friend on the sets. During the course of the show, it was revealed that Salman has been helping TB patients, referred by the TB Hospital in Mumbai, for years. When Aamir and team were researching for the show, this fact came to light and Aamir decided to invite his friend to this particular episode. During the episode Salman said that Aamir at first sent him a message but when he did not reply, Aamir personally went and invited him to the show. Salman also revealed that his grandmother was also a TB patient and it took such a toll on her that after returning from treatment, she failed to recognize her son (Salman’s father).

Apart from his TV show. Aamir is currently busy with his upcoming release ‘PK’ that hits the theatres on December 19th. Recently when he was in Bhopal to shoot for ‘Satyamev Jayate’, Aamir said that the role in ‘PK’ is one of the best roles in his long career. He said, "I won't be sharing much details about PK. But it is one of the best roles in my nearly 25-year-long career." He also added, "For me, Raju (Hirani) is avval (best) director. He is very kind and good person.”