Aamir Khan doesn’t want kids to see Rani’s ‘Mardaani’

Perfectionist Aamir Khan applauded Rani Mukherjee’s ‘Mardaani’ but he feels the film is not suitable for kids as it shows violence and children should not be exposed to such things.

‘Mardaani’, which is based on child trafficking, received ‘A’ certificate from censor board but Rani has sent the film to censor board to review again so that children above 12 years of age can view it.

When asked about the same, Aamir said, "There are some words in the film that I would not want my children to see. I also feel that very small children should not see this kind of violence. I don't want an eight-year-old child to see that. That's what I think."

"I know Rani may have a different opinion. She is a close friend of mine and I respect her, but I feel the film does have a certain amount of violence," he said.

Aamir feels that "we have become insensitive towards our children that we show them almost anything."

"Sometimes absurd things are shown in U and U/A (certified) films... I think we have to be much more careful with the kind of violence we are exposing our children to. I have a certain responsibility towards what I am showing to my children. I have to fulfil my responsibility," said the father of three.

Aamir doesn’t want his children to hear unpleasant word used in movies. "There are certain words that I don't like my children to hear, which is why I would be sensitive to other people's children as well. In case I want to use such words, I will make sure that it's properly advertised as an adult film," said Aamir who made Delhi Belly and promoted it as an adult comedy.

"There should be freedom of speech, and we are old enough to decide whether we want to see or not... we don't need to censor it from them (adults)."