Aamir Khan dines with Sourav Ganguly

After dressing up like an old man, Aamir Khan turns Sourav Ganguly’s fan. He dressed up like Ganguly and landed at his house. Dressed up in a black shirt and a bag slung over his shoulder, Aamir looked out for Dada.

He kept pestering the security guard at the gate urging them to meet Ganguly saying, "Dada ghar pe hain? Mere ko dada se milna hai, photo khichana hai. (Is Dada at home? I want to meet him and get a photo clicked with him). The guard failed to recognise the star and did not let him enter the premises”.

But later Aamir Khan took off his mask and entered Ganguly’s house and had dinner with them. Aamir’s wife Kiran Rao also joined them as she is an ardent fan of the cricketer. They were welcomed by Dona, Ganguly’s mother and daughter Sana.

Aamir remarked that Ganguly should not have retire at this early stage of his career. He looked at his trophies and achievements.