Aamir Khan cries on TV

The first day of shooting of Aamir Khan’s chat show was quite emotional. Aamir Khan broke down several times during the shoot. His emotions break down as he has never encountered with people before and for the first time gone through the experience.  Not only he but many people from the audience cried.

A source from the production house informs, "The shooting of the first episode was quite an emotional affair.

Aamir Khan broke down quite a few times during the shoot and had to take breaks to get back to his normal self. Not just him, a lot of people in the audience cried many times.

The whole atmosphere on the sets was charged up and somber. Though Kiran  (Rao, his wife) is not creatively involved in the show, she was there by her husband's side."

The source further adds, "Aamir had not met the people beforehand because he wanted to retain spontaneity, so his reactions were very natural.
The shooting happened very quietly. The team of the show had been working on the idea for over a year." 

The show titled, ‘Mera Bharat Mahaan’.