Aamir Khan completes 27 years in Bollywood, recalls QSQT

Perfectionist Aamir Khan completed 27 years in Bollywood. He debuted in Bollywood with blockbuster ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’ opposite Juhi Chawla and the rest is a history. After a series of flops, Aamir firmed his foot in Bollywood and went on to deliver hits like ‘3 Idiots’, ‘Lagaan’, ‘Dhoom: 3?, ‘Ghajini’ etc.

In the year 1988, this very day, Aamir and Juhi Chawal’s ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’ saw the light of the day. Post the release of the film, he was hailed by film critics and loved by the audience. But what follows the very next after QSQT was disappointing, Aamir Khan saw a series of flops and media went to label him ‘one film wonder’. In an interview to Hindustan Times, Aamir Khan recalls his struggle in Bollywood.

“Within the first two years of QSQT, I experienced the weakest stage of my life. The films I had signed started releasing and flopping one after the other. So, I was like, ‘I am finished. There’s no way I can survive this onslaught,’ since I knew how bad my other unreleased films were. I was called a ‘one-film wonder’ by the media, and rightly so. I had a feeling that I was stuck in quicksand,” quipped Aamir.

Aamir Khan made his own choice for movies and kicked down many promising offers, “I got a call from Mahesh Bhatt, saying he wanted to narrate a script to me. I was thrilled because at that time, after Arth (1982), Saaransh (1984) and Naam (1986), he was at his peak. I knew if I did a film with him, all my problems would be solved. I went for the narration, but at the end of it, I was devastated because I didn’t like the script.

Remembering his struggling days, Aamir said that when he said no to Mahesh Bhatt, he supported his decision. He said, ‘No issues. If you don’t want to do it, then don’t do it,'” remembers Aamir about his days of struggle.

Aamir Khan is a complete transition from a lover boy to a hard-core actor.