Aamir Khan chats about his directorial debut Taare Zameen Par

Aamir Khan’s debut directorial venture Taare Zameen Par will be releasing soon and the actor is extremely nervous about taking care of last minute details. Aamir is so nervous that he has started smoking once again. Aamir, who has always maintained a distance from cell phones, has now started carrying one to keep in touch with his core team for last minute details of the film.
Aamir maintains that he is generally nervous prior to the release of his films; however this time he is even more so as Taare Zameen Par (TZP) is his debut directorial venture and hence there will be more expectations from him. On taking up smoking Aamir says “I am so nervous that in the last 20 days I have lost count of the cigarettes I have been smoking. But I don’t smoke in front of my kids and promise to give up the moment the movie releases. However as the nervousness recedes, I am sure the smoking will too.” Aamir claims that the use of a cell phone though is merely temporarily, he says “The last few days have been crazy. I need to stay in touch with my core team, make last minute changes and decisions and hence the cell phone.” Aamir also claims that he has now become more accessible to his fans, audiences and the media. About Taare Zameen Par which is extremely close to his heart, Aamir says “This is not just a ‘cause and message’ picture. There are songs, dances, fun and yes, there is the message that comes across. I don’t want people to assume it’s a serious movie.”

Aamir maintains that the toughest decision for him to make was whether to direct the film himself or not. He says “We did zero in on several names but taking on a new director would have meant a delay of at least six to eight months. We would have had to wait for a fresh school session as well to shoot in the school. And most critically, delay would’ve meant, Darsheel Safary, (the child lead) would have grown by eight more months. His looks would’ve changed. I couldn’t afford to wait longer. Hence, both Amol and I decided it was best for me to take charge myself.” With TZP, Aamir will have fulfilled the role of actor, director and even producer and he says “now I am satisfied. It took a lot to do that. I wasn’t exactly happy at the initial stage. But as time and film cans started filling up, it started taking shape. I am quite excited with the music though. I believe there is much promise there.” Aamir hopes that this time his film won’t face unnecessary controversies and that people and children from various states will be able to see TZP.

Aamir is all game for activities promoting his film and he says “It’s good for the movie. The back-to-school experience is fascinating.” There are also rumours that Aamir has delayed the Tamil remake, Ghajini due to promotional activities for TZP. Aamir says “The first week of January, I get busy on what you guys have named Ghajini. I must confess, the name has been finalised and will announce it subsequently. I hope to complete it by March-end and then take a six-month break.” Aamir has also been working out and it is being said that he too has developed six pack abs like SRK, he says “The new muscular look is for Ghajini. And though I may not have measured them at last count, they are definitely more than six. I think I have eight or ten packs.” Aamir also maintains that he has not yet watched Om Shanti Om as he has been busy promoting his own film TZP.

Amitabh, SRK, Ash have their wax statues at Madame Tussauds in London and even Salman was recently approached for his wax statue. Actor Aamir claims that he too had been approached, but was not really interested and hence turned down the offer. Aamir said “It’s not important to me, I have been approached but I am not interested. Things that don’t interest me, I just let them pass.”