Aamir Khan backs PM Modi’s demonitisation move

Like many Bollywood celebrities perfectionist Aamir Khan also backed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demonitisation move. Aamir Khan agreed that sudden banned of big currency notes has caused inconvenience to the people but he said that for a brighter and corruption free India, such small sacrifice can be made. Aamir Khan also said that one must ignore the short term impact for a good future.

His latest film, ‘Dangal’ is set to hit theatres in December but Aamir Khan is least bothered if the move affects his film. For him nation comes first and then his movies. “What people are facing is short term problem, it is important for India. I’ve no problem even if it affects my film,” ANI quoted Aamir as saying.

While speaking at the song launch event of his upcoming film ‘Dangal’, Aamir Khan made this remark. When media asked Aamir whether he faced any problems in returning Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes to the bank, the actor jokingly admitted that he remained unaffected by the move since he hardly had any cash. He added that he always pays his taxes on time and that the Government’s decision did not impact him at all.

Aamir Khan launched the first song ‘Haanikaran Bapu’ from his upcoming film, ‘Dangal’ which shows Aamir as a strict father, making his two daughters work hard to hit the wrestling arena. 

‘Dangal’ is based on the biopic of noted wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat and his hardships and sacrifices to make his two daughters Geeta Phogat and Babita Kumari, a renowned wrestlers.