Aamir Khan and wife Kiran throw a surprise bash for RDB director

Aamir Khan and his wife Kiran are not into partying and social do’s, but once in a way they make an exception. Recently Aamir and Kiran threw a surprise party for Rang De Basanti director Rakeysh Mehra. It was the director’s 44th birthday and it was an impromptu surprise for him on his birthday. However the bash had a typical Aamir stamp which was a quite, well-organized and small gathering of select friends. Obviously Aamir and Rakeysh are good friends especially after the success of their film Rang De Basanti and hence Aamir wanted to make the day memorable for the director.
Although the party had only a select few guests, movers and shakers like Kunal Kohli, Prasoon Joshi etc were seen chilling out over conversation and delectable home-made food. However Aamir took pains to see that the event was well-organised but kept extremely private. Even director Rakeysh is not one for parties and claims that his birthday was just an excuse for friends to get together. Director Rakeysh claims “Birthday celebrations don’t happen at 44. It was a very personal affair and I would like it to remain that way.” The director claimed that though he is not into gifts, his most cherished gift was a card from his daughter. Another touching gesture for the director was a cake from his entire office staff. Rakeysh claims “it was a nice time together for all of us.”

Kunal Kohli who directed Aamir Khan in Fanaa was also a part of the small gathering. Sources claim that although Fanaa was not a super hit, Aamir and Kunal have plans to do another film together. Kunal said “It was a very small and private affair. Mehra is really into parties and it was more like a small gathering of friends.” All the guests though were seen having a great time till the wee hours of the morning. It was certainly a nice gesture for Aamir to throw a small bash for Rakeysh, considering he has given him one of his biggest hits in recent times which even was a nomination for the Oscars .