Aamir Khan and Kajol’s tête-à-tête

Aamir and Kajol star in Yash-Raj film Fanaa. They are both actors who have extremely diverse methods of working. Kajol follows a more spontaneous method and is an instinctive actor, while Aamir is a methodical and organized actor who prefers to get into the character. This is Aamir and Kajol’s first film where they have been paired opposite each other. Fanaa has already received more than its fair share of publicity due to the several controversies that the film has been embroiled in. However this has only heightened viewers’ anticipation to see the film. Aamir and Kajol have a candid conversation about their film Fanaa and how they feel about each other.
The set for the-one on-one interview between Aamir and Kajol was kept simple, so that the focus would only be the two dynamic stars. Aamir Khan looked presentable in a black suit, while Kajol wore a bright red salwar. The conversation between the two had a casual and relaxed feel to it. On the show both the actor’s agreed to having apprehensions about working with the other due to their different styles. Aamir and Kajol also looked upon the other as a good actor, but on a personal level did not think much of each other prior to working with each other in Fanaa. Both the stars pulled each other’s legs a bit, but never crossed any lines and was never mean or insulting to the other.

On the show Aamir and Kajol discussed how they each select a film and what their main criterion for choosing a film is. For Kajol the basis for selecting a film is mainly the script, if she feels the script is good then everything else takes a backseat. As for Aamir there are three main points that he adheres to while selecting a film, the script, the director and the producer. Kajol also managed to quiz the actor on his habit of sitting in for the editing and post-production part. Aamir admitted to getting completely involved in every aspect of his film, but only when invited by the directors and producers to do so.

The two actors also asked each about their personal lives, about how their personal life affected work. Aamir, a normally reticent actor especially about his personal life, had a very emotional moment on the show. Aamir Khan spoke about his x-wife Reena, he claimed that he had no regrets in life and that he also cherished all the times he had spent with her. Aamir elaborated that Kajol’s weakness was that she lacked patience and her strong point was that she was extremely emotional. Kajol on the other hand claimed that according to her Aamir’s weak point was that he did not trust his instincts well as far as his acting was concerned, on the other hand his good point was that even after so many years in the film industry and after quite a few successes, he could deal well with criticism and always listened with an open mind to other people’s advice.

On the show Kajol seemed her usual bubbly self while Aamir who is known to be reticent seemed a trifle stiff. Nonetheless the candid conversation brought to light a different and new aspect to both the stars personality. Kajol and Aamir are truly super stars and we wish them all the best for their forthcoming film Fanaa. The dispute between Yash-Raj Films and multiplexes has also finally come to an end, just a day prior to the release of the film. A fair deal for both the parties has been worked out and the film will be screened at most multiplexes on the release date of 26 May.

Excerpts from the interview with Aamir and Kajol

Aamir: I know it’s a little late in the day but its Kajal or Kajol??

Kajol: Hmmm…..it’s Kajol

A: Kajol, I have been calling you Kajal throughout the (making of) film.

K: Well…..

A: You haven’t corrected me.

K: I didn’t feel like correcting you at that point of time (laughs).

A: What was your first impression of me, then…. back then?

K: I didn’t have an impression, really…. The only impression that I wanted to make was my finger marks on your neck at that point of time… but beyond that I thought that… I still do think that you are completely 300 per cent into your job… and a little too into your job… But that’s okay… I like you besides that… despite all this… you are not such a bad guy… Now, what was your impression?

A: Well… My impression of you was… quite pathetic to begin with… (Kajol interrupts… “sounds familiar”…) yeah… I kind of felt that you were really brash and difficult to deal with.

K: (interrupts) You can say brat…its okay…

A: Brash… and then… (a long pause) Actually after doing Fanaa it hasn’t change… No it HAS… it was a real pleasure to work with you I have to say. And I really enjoyed it… It’s very few times (that) I can say that to an actor… You know that I had such a good time working with you…

K: Thank you! Ditto and vice versa… I really thought I will kill you within the first schedule but, surprisingly, we both survived… na…