Aamir gifts BMW to nephew Imran

Imran Khan and Aamir KhanUncle Aamir was overjoyed when his bhanja’s debut film Jaane Tu Yaa Jaane Naa did a remarkable business at the box office and gave a tight fight to the Harman and Priyanka starrer Love Story 2050 at the India and international theatres. He had adopted all the promotional techniques to uphold JTYJN and at last his effort showed color. Aamir has been awestruck will Imran’s dedication and remarkable performance and out of joy, he had gifted Imran the latest model of BMW. The car costs about Rs. 50 lakhs and is white in color.

Aamir was quite aware of the fact that Imran has a great fascination for cars and found the occasion a perfect one to gift him one. Aamir though it would be the best way to congratulate Imran on his sparkling success.

Imran never expected such a remarkable gift from manu Aamir and he was elated with his expression of love and best wishes. The most important gift that Aamir has given his nephew is the opportunity to act in his forthcoming film Delhi Belly. If rumors are to be believed, he will also star in Karan Johan’s My Name Is Khan and work alongside with Shahrukh Khan.