Aamir gets a new home, buys sea-facing flat at 60 crores

Few months back, Aamir Khan with his wife Kiran Rao moved to a carter road sea-facing flat with their son as his original home in Marina Apartments at Pali Hill was undergoing renovations. After staying there, the couple developed love for the flat and they decided to purchase it. The deal was finalized for an whopping amount of Rs 60 crores.

Kiran is totally in love with the apartment for it’s sea-facing view. The apartment is very airy and both Aamir and Kiran was determined to purchase it. They used to give a monthly rent of Rs 10 lakh. The deal was finally struck and now the sea-facing apartment is of Aamir and Kiran Rao. The couple was smitten by the beauty of the place.

A source informs, "The deal was struck for Rs 60 crore for the 5,000 square feet sea-facing flat spread over two floors."

“The star had moved into Frida Apartments at Carter Road earlier this year when his home in Marina Apartments at Pali Hill was undergoing renovations. He was paying a monthly rent of Rs 10 lakh for the flat. Turned out the owner had promised the actor that he would sell the place only to him". adds the source.

Another source informs, "Kiran Rao loves the place as it is at the seafront. It was bright and airy compared to their Pali Hill abode." Adds the source, "Aamir was keen to buy the entire building where his Pali Hill flat is. ."

“But the residents weren't willing to sell their flats to him and move out. So he went ahead with the Carter Road flat. His mother Zeenat stays in Marina Apartments and his younger brother Faisal will now move in with her."