Aamir fulfills Katrina’s wish

All knows that Katrina Kaif is a hard working girl. She has reached this position today due to dint of hard work and sincerity. The whole year Katrina used to work hard but from Christmas to New Year, she reserved those days for her family. Katrina Kaif has seven sisters and one brother. She cherished memories of days she spend with her mother and siblings during Christmas and this tear too she wants to enjoy Christmas with her family in London but ‘Dhoom 3’ shooting splashed water in her plans.

Yash Raj has decided to shoot the entire December to conclude the shooting as quickly as possible and Kat could hardly do anything. Then when Aamir came as a ray of hope for Kat. During a conversation, when the actress expressed her desire to spend Christmas with family, Aamir decided to push back the shooting of ‘Dhoom 3’ by a week. He informed the same to Yash Raj and they agreed.

According to a source, “Aamir has been in a remarkable mood. In fact, it was during a casual conversation with the rest of the cast that Katrina mentioned her wish to spend Christmas and New Year with her family. Initially, the unit was to shoot throughout the last week of the year. Aamir requested the production house to delay the shoot so that Katrina could take her holiday.”

Year 2012 has been amazing for Katrina. All are films spelled magic at the box-office and the item numbers in which she grooved also hit the music chartbuster.

Well, we are sure that Katrina might be finding lost of words to thank Aamir.