Aamir ends war with Shahrukh

If the recent statement of Mr. Perfectionist is to be believed that we can draw the conclusion that the war of words between the two Khans of Bollywood has finally come to an end and they have joined hands. Aamir Khan who turned 44 this birthday sounds quite lenient towards his enemy. On a friendship note, Aamir wished Shahrukh a successful life ahead.
"I want to tell Shahrukh that I love him and respect him a lot and I wish that he leads a successful life and that all his films are hits," said Aamir. But Aamir again sounds diplomatic in his statement; on one hand, he wished SRK success while on the other, he said that he has stopped following success. "I want to follow excellence and not success anymore. If you follow excellence then success will come after you."

Aamir who indirectly claim to be number one has now changed his version, he said” I’m not interested in competing with anyone. I don’t play the number game nor do I want the crown for myself. I just like to do good work."

On listening to Aamir’s latest verdict, we wonder whether it’s an end of the war or beginning of a new battle.

Here lies a big confusion.